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MTB Trilogy – Want to come?

Want to come?

Stage race MTB and Enduro MTB Trilogy is placed in the unique nature of Broumov region on the Czech-Poland border. The centre of the race is the small town Teplice nad Metuji. Competitors will taste pure mountain biking despite that the highest point of Broumov region (Ruprecticky Spicak) does not touch 1 000 masl.

Bikers can look forward to different terrain every day; every stage is completely different:

The first stage chooses the best of Ralley Sudety. Competitors will peek under the hood of rock towns, and they will ride around the baroque chapel in the origin nature on the Hvezda. There wait for them clay-sandy surface of track complemented by rock formations and sandstone boulders.

The second stage will lead the bikers into the Sowie Mountains, which are of volcanic origin. Therefore there will be no shortage of steep slopes (up and down) or rubble. Passing through the old railway tunnel is another icing on the cake.

The third stage is heading west from Teplice n. Met., So the competitors will look at the edge of the Krkonoše National Park and will be able to enjoy the views of the highest Czech mountain, Sněžka. The surface changes from sand to clayey to granite. 

The fourth stage will stretch bikers not only with raw nature, but also with local singles of the Trutnov Trails, which are built in the Canadian style, so there will definitely be no shortage of roots, stones, sometimes rocks and terrain tilted down (and up).

Everyone wants to experience this unique nature!

Do you want the Broumov region tasted on your own skin but you are not a biker or an enduro rider? MTB Trilogy needs a lot of reliable people, which can help with the smooth organisation of the race. That´s why, if you want to experience great days in pure nature in Broumov region, do not hesitate and join MTB Trilogy team as a volunteer!

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