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MTB Trilogy – Gear



We recommend hard-trail or full-suspension cross-country bike in good condition and checking brakes and lifting the front fork 100-120 mm for successful absolving of MTB Trilogy. For Enduro race is recommended enduro special bike. We recommend tubeless tires with a coarser pattern, telescopic seat post and SPD pedals.


The following gear is mandatory for all participants to carry with them, and maybe checked at the start of each stage:  

  • certified cycling helmet

  • gloves with long fingers

  • waterproof jacket

  • charged mobile phone with app Zachranka


Cycling gear:

  • cycling/enduro shoes

  • cycling shorts

  • cycling jersey

  • cycling socks

  • cycling leg and arm warmers

  • cycling vest

  • cycling jacket

  • sunglasses

  • upper base layer

  • cycling waterproof jacket

  • sport nutrition

  • cycling bottle for drinking

  • sport tester / cyclo-computer with GPS

  • spare parts specific to your bike (pump, bomb, tube, tubeless repair plug, chain tool, chain connector...)

Camp gear:

  • pants

  • shorts

  • socks

  • T-shirt 

  • sweater 

  • warmer jacket

  • rain jacket

  • warm hat (toque/beanie)

  • camp shoes

  • sleeping bag (if you do not sleep in a hotel)

  • sleeping mat (if you do not sleep in a hotel)

  • Telefon with a camera (with charger)

  • towel + toiletries

  • headlamp

  • earplugs (you never know)

  • spare rear derailleur hanger (rail hook bicycle)

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