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MTB Trilogy – How in Teplice?

How in Teplice nad Metuji?



  • Pardubice: Pardubice Airport - Teplice na Metuji 95 km

  • Wroclaw: Wroclaw Airport - Teplice na Metuji 120 km

  • Praha: Václav Havel Airport - Teplice na Metuji 200 km 

  • Brno: Brno-Turany Airport - Teplice na Metuji 200 km 

  • Ostrava: Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport - Teplice na Metuji 260 km

  • Vídeň: Flughafen Wien Airport - Teplice na Metuji 340 km

The best of public traffic is use a train. Teplice nad Metuji lays on the main railway track from Mezimesti to Tyniste nad Orlici. Other train connection is from Trutnov to Teplice nad Metuji.

Bus connection is from Broumov, Adrspch or from Police nad Metuji.

The main road connection in Teplice nad Metuji leads from Trutnov over villages Chvalec and Adrspach or from the opposite side - from Nachod over Hronov and Police nad Metuji.


  • Praha - Teplice nad Metuji 170 km 

  • Brno - Teplice nad Metuji 184 km 

  • Starostin-Miroszow (border crossing with Poland) - Teplice nad Metuji 15 km

  • Nachod - Teplice nad Metuji 27 km

  • Trutnov - Teplice nad Metuji 27 km 

Will you arrive by aeroplane and have no way to get to Teplice? Or did the transport fail for some reason?
Write to us and we can pick you up!

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