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MTB Trilogy – Training

Training for MTB Trilogy

Are you biker biginer or experinced (XC-marathon or Enduro), do you enjoy lovely nature and do you lova a challanges? Would you like to go out from your comfort zone? Do you want to experience MTB Trilogy on your skin but have you not the courage?

Don´t despire! Think over you need improve your biker´s skills and bike technique or you need improve your physical performance. Both is neccesary during the stage race.

In cooperation with Trutnov Trails, we recommend Bike Techniques Camps with Dusan Mihalecko. Martina Chrastkova (MaChr-consulting) can help you to improve your physical performance.


Dusan Mihalecko is the first Czech bike instructor, who teaches in the biggest bike park in the Word in Whistler in Canada. Dusan uses proved methodology during teaching which he gained from instructors whos collect their experiences of teaching in the 20 years old bike park. Dusan brought this know-how in Trutnov. He participates on the building of trails and their working. You can draw on knowledge and skill of Whistler´s instructor as well as Dusan´s knowledge of Broumov region because he was born here (Trutnov Trails).


Martina Chrastkova was a member of Czech Cross-country Ski Team and she graduated on the Charles University - Faculty of PE and Sports. She had visited the University of Calgary in Canada during her study stay two-times.  In present Martina is the academic staff of the Faculty of PE and Sports, she teaches skiing (cross-country, downhill) and her focus is on locomotion kinesiology. Martina pursues sports training and nutrition consulting for performance, hobby as well as recreation athletes. She cooperates with youth clubs BKL Machov and Biathlon Klecany (MaChr-consulting).

Bike technique
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Physical performance tr.
- MaChr-consulting

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