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MTB Trilogy – Broumov region

Broumov region

The Broumov region is still tourists neglected a little bit. The region spreads on the N-E of the Czech around the Broumov town near the Czech-Poland board. Almost pure nature offers rock formations, ravines and viewpoints into the country. Broumov region is lined by Jestřebí mountains, Javoří mountains and Stolové mountains in the Czech and Sowie mountains in Poland. Every of this mountain is different from their origin as well as their today character. 

Centuries of settlement and farming have created ecologically and aesthetically valuable areas, which is unique in all Czech. The mosaic of forests and agricultural lands, complemented by smaller settlements and alleys, groves and small buildings, is interlaced with a network of streams and decorated with groups of rocks and mysterious rock cities. Like the rangers, the table mountains Ostaš, Bor and Hejšovina tower over it. 


Tourists head mainly for large rock cities; Adršpašsko-teplické rocks, Broumovské walls or Ostaš. The highest summit of Broumov area is Ruprechtický Špičák (880 m), which is on the Czech-Poland broad. This region is under Czech protection like CHKO Broumovsko from 1991 and protects about 410 km2 (about the same size as the neighbouring Krkonoše National Park). This area is included in the NATURA 2000

and Ptačí oblast Broumovsko too.

There is the cleanest water flowing under the ground of Policka Cretaceous Basin which supplies larger cities. The Adršpašsko-teplické rocks (17 km2) - National Nature Reserve - is one of the largest rock cities in Europe and the Broumovské Walls have exceptional relief and illusion that allow the existence of unique flora and fauna.

Untouch nature (even outside the rocky cities preferred by tourists) is attached by unique Baroque barokní religious and folk architecture; Benedictine monasteries in Broumov and Police nad Metují, small château Bischofstein, small wood church in Broumov´s cemetery (the oldest wood church in Czech), and then farms, churches, crosses, crosses of conciliation, wayside shrines are found mostly in the northern part of the territory. Cities Broumov a Police nad Metují are urban conservation zones. The nearby village of Křinice is considered a village conservation area. The list of interesting monuments can not forget the brilliantly designed Baroque chapel Panny Marie Sněžné on the top of hill Hvězda sensitively placed in the wild nature of the Broumov region.

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