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MTB Trilogy – Regulations



  • Participants are obliged to absolve the race with a bike helmet on their head. Violation of this rule means disqualification from all MTB Trilogy.

  • Organisator can check the competitor's mandatory gear before the start.

  • There is a strict ban on littering away from feeding zones.

  • In the case of an unintentional breach of rules, the organizer may impose a time penalty.

  • Competitors are obliged to observe the rules of road traffic and act under the law of traffic. The organiser cannot restrict road traffic

  • If the route leads through roads, the race participant is obliged to comply with the Road Traffic Act 2016 No. 361/2000 Coll., On-road traffic. In the territory of Poland, competitors are obliged to comply with the Act of 20 June 1997 on the rules of the road (No. 1997 Nr 98 poz 602); Na terenie Polski zawodników obowiązuje USTAWA z dnia 20 czerwca 1997 r. Prawo o ruchu drogowym Dz. U. 1997 Nr 98 poz. 602 . Zawodnik jest zobwiązany stosować się do zasad ruchu drogowego, a na szlakach turystycznych ustąpić pieszym.

  • By entering the race, the competitor undertakes to observe the rules of fair play, to behave fairly, sportingly and with respect to his rivals, surroundings and nature.

  • Competitors under 18 years of age must provide the written consent of their parents or guardian before the start.

  • The organizer and all collaborators and persons associated with the organization shall not be liable to the owners for injury to persons, material or property that may occur before, during or after the race.

  • Parking in Teplice nad Metuji is possible only at the parking places indicated by the organizer. There is a strict ban on entering the park by car.

  • Participants start at their own risk.

  • In the event of withdrawal from the race, this competitor is obliged to report to the nearest inspection.

  • The participants bear civil and legal liability for all damages.

  • Photographs, film materials and interviews with participants can be used for organizer needs.

  • Participants agree to the processing of personal data for organizer purposes.

  • The organizer undertakes to handle personal data according to the law.


  • 1-2 transit limits will be placed during each stage. The passage time will be set to correspond to an average speed of about 10 km / h and after its expiration, the competitor will not be allowed to continue the stage (the route will be unmarked). The limit times below are indicative and will be specified before each stage.

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