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MTB Trilogy – 2nd stage

2nd stage – The Best of Sudety

The 2nd stage shows to competitors the best of the Czech legendary bike marathon Ralley Sudety. The track is fringed by sand rocks or blocks. Such a unit gets in the way, sometimes and all bikers will cope with it on the bike. Here are typical fast downhills, in which a lot of adrenaline leaches into the blood. The track leads around the baroque chapel Panny Marie Snezne on Hvezda hill. There is a legendary downhill trail, which check bikers skills of everyone, from the chapel. 

2 etapa.jpg

2nd stage – The Best of Sudety parameters:

  • Distance: 71 km / 51 km

  • Ascend: 2 418 m / 1 606 m

  • The highest point: mountainside of Lopota 712 m n. m. / Pelovka 678 m n. m.

  • The lowest point: 427 m n. m. / 444 m n. m.

  • Count of special enduro tests: 10

  • Ratio trails / asphalt: 

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