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the best of sudety
kleine alpen
Vraní hory


The Prologue is opening XC time trial with an interval start, which shows the level of the technical and physical difficulty of all race.

The Prologue is approx. 10 km long with eight special tests for enduro in a close area at Teplice nad Metuji. This race guides competitors through pinewood or around rock blocks (sometimes nearer than man wants) and shows that it is possible to ascend and descend quite many heigh meters in a small area. So the Prologue will not be easy.

For keeping fair condition for all bikers and endurists the correct map of Prologue will be declassified in the race day. 

Prolog: parameters

  • Distance: 10 km 

  • Ascend: 475 m

  • Count of special enduro tests: 8

  • Ratio trails / asphalt: 98 % / 2 %

Prolog pro organizator 2024.png

Profily tratí Prolog:

The Best of Sudety

1st stage – The Best of Sudety

1st stage shows the competitors the best of the legendary bike marathon Ralley Sudety. There are sand blocks and rocks along the track, sometimes similar object will be on the track. Fast downhills are distingwishing for this stage and level of adrenalin in your blod increases. Track will lead the competitors around the Barroque chapel Panny Marie Sněžné na Hvězdě. There is start of the legendary steep downhill which tests all bikers.

Parameters of the 1st stage - The Best of Sudety:

  • length: 76 km / 51 km / 21 km

  • climbed: 2 449 m / 1 606 m / 458 m

  • highest point: the slope of Lopota hill 712 m above sea level / Pelovka 678  m asl / slope of Honský Špičák 596 m asl

  • lowest point: 427 m asl / 444 m asl / 468 m asl

  • number of enduro SS: 10

  • trail / asphalt ratio : 83% / 17%

A - Extreme: download GPX

B - Moderate: download GPX 

C - Easy: download GPX

The Best of Sudety_2024.png

Track profile - 1st stage - The Best of Sudety