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MTB Trilogy – Stages


Kleine Alpen
the Best of sudety
Vraní hory
Kleine Alpen

1st stage – Kleine Alpen

According to the tracks architect, 1st stage is the most challenging but the most beautiful stage of the MTB Trilogy.  The distinguishing feature of this stage is litter, gravel, old volcanos, tunnel and a ford. 

The track guides bikers in Javori mountains and in Gory Suche on the sides of old volcanos in Poland.

And have you ever ridden your bike through 385 m long old railway tunnel, which was built by A. Hitler? No? So now you have a unique chance to look inside. If there will be dark inside and light only on its end, or if it will be illuminated in time, nobody knows before...

1nd stage – Kleine Alpen parameters:

  • Distance: 74 km / 54 km / 20 km

  • Ascend: 2 742 m / 1 701 m / 597 m

  • The highest point: Suchawa 928 m  / Suchawa 928 m / Mirošovské stěny 665 m n. m.

  • The lowest point: 442 m / 443 m / 468 m 

  • Count of special enduro tests: 10

  • Ratio trails / asphalt: 88 % / 12 %

A - Extreme: download GPX

B - Moderate: download GPX 

C - Easy: download GPX

Kleine Alpen organizator-l.jpg

Track profile - 1st stage - Kleine Alpen